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Our mission is to welcome the best version of you through our comprehensive denture services. We specialize in crafting Implant Over Dentures, Digital Dentures, Precision Dentures, Complete Dentures, Immediate Dentures, Interim Prosthesis, Transitional Partial Dentures, Dentures, and Partial Dentures. Whether you seek enhanced stability with implant-supported dentures or the precision of digital technology, we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that not only restore your smile but also boost your confidence. Our team is committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction, creating a personalized experience that aligns with your unique needs. Trust Mountview Denture Clinic to bring out the best in your smile, allowing you to embrace a life filled with confidence and comfort.

Step into our clinic and experience a transformative journey, witnessing the powerful impact of a radiant smile. Schedule your appointment today to embark on the path toward achieving a beautiful smile.

Yusuf Sarwari RD

Hello! My name is Yusuf Sarwari and I am a Licensed Denturist who has worked in the denture field for over 10 years, starting off as an assistant Dental Technician. It is an honor for me to be able to help people get back their smiles as well as the ability to speak and eat with comfort.

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Securing a confident and comfortable smile is effortless at Mountview Denture Clinic. Our devoted team is committed to providing personalized care, and we invite you to schedule an appointment designed to meet your specific denture needs. Click on the convenient ‘Schedule Now’ button to access our appointment booking platform or contact us directly at 604-648-3232. Your satisfaction and optimal oral health are our foremost concerns, and we look forward to the privilege of assisting you.

Restore Your Smile

Restore Your Smile

Our services include Precision Dentures, Complete Dentures, Immediate Dentures, Interim Prosthesis, Transitional Partial Dentures, and Partial Dentures, ensuring a comprehensive range of solutions to address your individual requirements. At Mountview Denture Clinic, we understand the importance of combining advanced technology with personalized care to deliver exceptional results.

Navigate through our user-friendly website to explore the diverse denture services we offer and learn more about each specific option. Whether you’re in need of a full set of dentures or a partial solution, we are here to guide you through the process, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Denture Services

At Mountview Denture Clinic, we understand the importance of flexibility. Our Interim Prosthesis and Transitional Partial Denture options offer temporary solutions that bridge the gap until a permanent solution is in place. The Flexible Denture provides comfort and adaptability, ensuring a snug fit for enhanced wearability.

For those with specific needs, our Partial Dentures offer personalized options to restore your smile and confidence. At Mountview Denture Clinic, we are committed to providing top-notch denture services, combining expertise with a patient-centric approach for a tailored and comfortable experience.

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What Our Patients Are Saying

Visiting a DENTIST in the best of circumstances is a trying or deal for any one individual (I am no exception). My initial visit was amicable and pleasant till my final fitting. May I add that Dr. Rajbeer is very professional; her sound knowledge and simple language to deliver connect well with a patient.

My best wishes to Dr.Rajbeer
I will definitely recommend Dr. Rajbeer


Amba Maharaj

“I recently had a partial denture made at Mountview Denture Clinic, and I’m thrilled with the results. The staff was knowledgeable, guiding me through the process with expertise. The attention to detail in crafting my partial denture was evident, resulting in a comfortable and natural fit. I highly recommend Mountview Denture for their exceptional partial denture services”

– Kiara L

“I had a positive experience at Mountview Denture Clinic,   due to their friendly and professional staff. From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was welcoming, and the team went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Their expertise and genuine care were evident throughout my visit. I highly recommend Mountview Denture Clinic,  for their combination of friendliness and professionalism in providing top-notch denture services.”

– Monty S