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Your Smile, Our Canvas
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Smile Sculptors
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Dentist Art
Crafting Smiles, Creating Masterpieces.
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At Truesmile, the health of our patients are our at most priority, when you come in to our office we request you to briefly fill our a personal and health questionnaire with will be kept in full confidentiality and then we welcome you to meet our registered denturist to go over your overall health and oral health, this way we can understand your needs and we can construct a treatment option or options that best soothes your unique characteristics, and guide you to choose one that will help you restore your smile.

Implant Over Dentures

The implant is an artificial root, usually a titanium metal screw-shaped that is inserted into the jaw bone and is allowed to Osseo-integrate. Once the implants are in your jaw, an implant-retained or implant-supported denture (also sometimes referred to as an overdenture) can be placed on them. Overdentures can be fixed permanently in place or can be removable. At Truesmile, we will be consulting with your dentist and your physician to see if implants are the right treatment for you or your loved ones.

Digital Dentures

What is a digital denture? What is the difference between digital dentures and conventional dentures? How are digital dentures fabricated? And the list goes on. While there are advancements in technology throughout, the field of denturism has stepped into the world of digital dentures. The term digital in digital dentures is used to describe the workflow involved in the fabrication of CAM or CAD milled full dentures, it is a new system for creating removable partial or complete digital dentures that provide a better fit in ultimate comfort.

Precision Dentures

The main difference between the standard and precision dentures, besides the cost, is the quality of materials and slightly different techniques used to build the dentures.

While standard dentures are fabricated using the basic standard teeth, materials and the usual number of appointments, precision dentures as the name describes are more precise dentures thattake into account precise fit, high-quality premiums teeth, materials, and usually more appointments. 

Complete Denture

Complete Dentures are prosthetic acrylic devices that replace missing teeth and are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.It is very challenging to not have teeth, at Truesmile it’s our daily goal to work with you or your loved ones to recreate the function, smile, and comfort which have been lost with missing teeth.

Immediate Denture

What is an Immediate Denture? It is a type of denture that is inserted immediately after the extraction of your existing natural teeth. Immediate dentures can be complete or partials. advantages of immediate dentures are that you do not have to go without teeth, which avoids the embarrassment of edentulism.

Welcome to Dentist Art

Where Your Smile is a Masterpiece!


At Dentist Art, we go beyond traditional dentistry to redefine your oral health experience. Our team of skilled dental artists combines precision, innovation, and a passion for perfection to deliver exceptional care.

From routine cleanings to advanced cosmetic procedures, we treat each smile as a canvas, ensuring that every detail is a brushstroke of excellence. Our commitment to artistry extends beyond our treatments; we’ve designed our clinic to be a haven where comfort meets creativity. Discover a new era in dentistry at Dentist Art, where your smile becomes a true work of art.


Crafting Smiles, Creating Masterpieces.


Dr. Joh Doe


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