Losing natural teeth can have a profound impact on your daily life, affecting your ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. At Mount View Denture Clinic in North Vancouver, we understand the challenges of tooth loss and are committed to helping our patients regain optimal oral function and aesthetics. Complete dentures offer a reliable and effective solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile’s appearance and functionality. If you’re seeking a durable and natural-looking tooth replacement option, complete dentures may be the perfect choice for you.

Understanding Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures, also known as full dentures, are removable prosthetic devices that are designed to replace all of the natural teeth in either the upper or lower arch of the mouth. These custom-made appliances consist of a flesh-colored acrylic base that supports a set of artificial teeth, which are carefully crafted to resemble natural teeth in shape, size, and color. Complete dentures restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence, allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling and active lifestyle.

Benefits of Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures offer several benefits for patients experiencing tooth loss, including:


Restored Oral Function:

Complete dentures allow you to chew a variety of foods comfortably and efficiently, enabling you to maintain a balanced diet and enjoy your favorite meals with ease.

Improved Aesthetics:

Complete dentures are custom-designed to complement your facial features and smile aesthetics, providing a natural-looking and attractive appearance that enhances your overall facial harmony.

Enhanced Speech:

By replacing missing teeth and providing support for the lips and cheeks, complete dentures improve speech clarity and articulation, helping you communicate more effectively and confidently.

Prevention of Jawbone Resorption:

Complete dentures help preserve the structure of the jawbone by providing stimulation and support to the underlying tissues, preventing bone resorption and the associated facial collapse that can occur with tooth loss.


Complete dentures are customized to fit your unique oral anatomy and aesthetic preferences, ensuring a comfortable fit and natural-looking appearance that compliments your smile and facial features.

The Complete Denture Process:

The process of receiving complete dentures at Mount View Denture Clinic typically involves the following steps:

Consultation and Evaluation:

During your initial consultation, our experienced Denturists will evaluate your oral health, discuss your treatment goals and preferences, and determine if complete dentures are the right option for you.

Impressions and Measurements:

Impressions and measurements of your mouth will be taken to create precise molds for your complete dentures, ensuring a comfortable fit and optimal function.

Denture Fabrication:

Your custom complete dentures will be fabricated in a dental laboratory using high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure durability, aesthetics, and comfort.

Fitting and Adjustments:

Once your complete dentures are ready, they will be carefully fitted and adjusted to ensure a proper fit and comfortable bite. Our team will make any necessary adjustments to ensure your dentures feel comfortable and secure.

Follow-Up Care:

Our team will provide you with instructions on how to care for your complete dentures and schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your oral health and make any adjustments as needed.


Experience the Benefits of Complete Dentures at Mount View Denture Clinic:


If you’re ready to restore your smile’s function, aesthetics, and confidence with complete dentures in North Vancouver, trust the experienced team at Mount View Denture Clinic to provide you with personalized care and exceptional results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our complete denture options. Let us help you regain your smile and enjoy the benefits of renewed oral health and vitality with complete dentures tailored to your unique needs and preferences.