Let’s dispel some prevalent denture myths and provide clarity on what’s true:

1. Myth:

Dentures last forever.


While durable, dentures aren’t lifelong fixtures. Regular check-ups with your denturist are crucial for ensuring proper function and addressing wear, ill-fitting issues, or adjustments.

2. Myth:

You can eat anything with dentures.


Though designed for improved chewing, dentures may not match natural biting force. Avoid extremely hard or sticky foods that could damage or dislodge them.

3. Myth:

Dentures cause bad breath.


Dentures themselves don’t cause bad breath, but improper cleaning can lead to bacterial buildup. Maintain oral hygiene to prevent unpleasant odors.

4. Myth:

Dentures are uncomfortable and painful.


Initial adjustment may occur, but dentures should not be painful. Discomfort or persistent pain signals an ill-fitting denture requiring adjustment by your dentist.

5. Myth:

Dentures are only for older people.


Dentures are for all ages, addressing tooth loss from accidents, gum disease, or decay. They provide a solution regardless of age.

6. Myth:

Dentures will make me look older.


Modern dentures mimic natural teeth, enhancing appearance. Advancements in technology ensure a more natural look, restoring your smile.

7. Myth:

Dentures require no maintenance.


Regular maintenance is necessary, including daily cleaning, soaking, and brushing to prevent plaque buildup. Denturists offer specific care instructions.

8. Myth:

Dentures are the only option for tooth replacement.


While popular, dentures aren’t the sole option. Dental implants and bridges are alternatives. Consult your denturist for personalized recommendations.

9. Myth:

Dentures will cause speech problems.


Initial speech difficulty is normal, but with practice and adjustment, most regain their normal speech patterns.

10. Myth:

Dentures are noticeable and embarrassing.


Advanced technology allows dentures to be virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Skilled denturists ensure a seamless, natural-looking smile.

Remember, consult your denturist at Mountview Denture Clinic for personalized advice on your specific needs. Address concerns, get accurate information, and maintain a healthy, natural smile. If you have more denture-related questions or myths to discuss, contact us today!